09 April, 2012

Today I smile because I can see A Light at the end of the Tunnel!!!!

Life has been hectic. Period!

I have not replied to so many comments here that I feel guilty putting up an update.

But I don’t like my blog being silent, so here I am with a quick update.

What have I been busy with?

We attended 2 birthday parties (of kids) in 2 weeks and though to some of you it might not sound as a big number but for someone who had not attended even one birthday in God knows how many years it is big. It reminds me that I am a Mother now (not that I do not have enough proofs for it) and am getting trained for future when there would be more parties to attend to. With that said, Arnav loved the parties that we have attended. The 1st one was a grand affair and was theme based and Arnav got his first tattoo there needless to say he was super excited. After that party I had been preparing him for the 2nd party and this conversation happened between us n number of times

Me: Arnav what will you say when we go to the party?
A: Appy buday!
Me: Good! (the first time he said those words, I was so overwhelmed & proud that I can not put in words)
A: Tattoo!!! Uncle!!!

He meant that he will get a tattoo made by the uncle.

By Friday the conversation took this route

Me: Arnav what will say when we go to the party?
A: Tattoo!!! Uncle!!!
Me: lol!!! That’s true but what will you say there?
A: Tattoo!!! Uncle!!! Tattoo!!! Tattoo!!! Anaao!! (Uncle will make Tattoo on Arnav’s hand)
Me: Yes uncle will make a tattoo but what will you say at the party?
A: Appy buday!

Talk about setting priorities. But despite the hula boo when we went for the party yesterday and offered Arnav’s hand for tattoo he was fidgety and lasted only till a face was created. I went ahead & got tattooed to encourage him and when I asked now will you get one? He says Nahin!

Kids I tell you! It is hard to believe that he was muttering tattoo in his sleep also! No I am not kidding, he was.

Besides attending kiddo b’day parties it is work that has been keeping me busy. Loads to do, generating new MIS’s launching it on some site and then fielding questions & queries on it, that’s a normal day in my life. But then there are incidents which give us a reason to smile, no change it to laugh!

Last week I had left my Sodexho coupons on my desk (yes I can be careless that ways) and security people took it away leaving a post it to contact them. Upon contacting I was asked to go and collect it from their office which is some 1.5 kms away from where I sit. After dilly dallying for two days I went there on Friday to collect it and guess what? They cannot find it!!!

Imagine, security people confiscate something from my desk to keep it safely and they lose it. Paradoxical! Not that I am letting the matter end like this but I cannot help laughing at the situation.

On the books front I finished reading “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult and though the book was good but it was a painful read. 30% down the book I had guessed the mystery behind the murder (around which the book was woven) but had to read the whole book to wrap it up. I could have left the book in between but the thought “what if my guess is wrong” made me finish the book. The reason I could guess the end was that after having read so many books from an author you know the pattern of their writings.

In other news after deliberating for almost a month I finally ordered Sophie Kinsella’s latest!!! Yay!!! And I start reading it today. Talk about silver lining!!! Man so many times I was tempted to leave House Rules to start this one but I controlled. Wish had the same kind of control on dieting. I like to lose weight like NOW but not doing anything for it. Sigh!!

Aah! There is one more silver lining at the end of tunnel. This weekend we are going to Alibaug for two days. Yay!!! I badly need the break!

So how was your weekend?

Did I tell you that I had spent the better part of yesterday scrubbing the walls of kitchen & bathrooms? No? Here I have told you but then I see myself enjoying at the beach next Saturday and forget all my woes!!!

Not to self: stop being self-centred.

I repeat my question how was your weekend?

And here I leave you with 2 snaps of the little devil.

Happy Monday :D
So Finally you managed to click a pic huh?

Maaish with poww!!! (Maalish with Powder)


  1. Awwww! He is so so so adorable...Muah to him

    LOL on the tatoo..he definitely knows his priorities

    House Rules is pretty depressing...I was pretty upset after I read it :(

    LOL on the Sodexho! too much rey :)

    Enjoy the break and have fun

  2. Will pass on your kisses to him :D

    You know I didn't find the book depressing because I now see a pattern in the author's writing and somehow the emotional connect is lost!

    Thanks re :)

  3. Arnav is such a cutie!! :D Love the tattoo obsession! :P

    Re House Rules, definitely not her best. Having said that, even though I know her formula now, I still enjoy reading her books. Her latest one, Lone Wolf, is in a similar manner but you still don't know how it will end...

  4. Sophie Kiensella's latest eh? Which one is that? Need to get my hands on it!

    We are headed to Alibaug from my office the weekend after this one.. :-) have a good time!

  5. You do manage to do lot of things within short time. You can be an inspiration to me. Thanks. Keep posting.

  6. My weekend was spent in shopping for relatives..going to Ahmadabad and Delhi in month end

  7. Lol for that powder maalish!! Arnav is so cute. :)

  8. wow..u manage to write blogs which in itself is an incredible feet..hats and helmets off :).. tatoos seem to be the new inthings at weddings and bday parties..infact i had a group of 5yr olds looking down on me as I did not get a tatoo in a recent wedding.

    The little devil is really cute and his eye are brimming with mischief..hope u write a book on the adventures of the little devil :)

  9. Weekend was in Sasu maa's house. She got her house whitewashed, so was setting up her things. :)
    Arnav seems to be picking up some difficult words. Nice. :)
    And enjoy your trip.

  10. Sophie Kinsella's latest? Let me check it out. I so need one of hers now :)

    Arnav even knows tattoos! I am sure Poohi got to know about them very recently :) He is one smart kid :)

    He looks adorable!

    Here's to not easy days ahead :)

  11. I meant 'Here to easy days ahead' - typo!!!

  12. I've gone and reserved it - Sophie Kinsella's latest :) Thanks! I had no idea her new book was out.

  13. Having read about the break, I cannot remember anything else ;) ;) Have a great time and I soo want one ASAP too :)
    No pic of his tattoo?

  14. Hey loved the first pic absolutely and the caption for second one.

    Ask me what does lethargy means esp in terms of writing blogs. Well I am back now (at least trying to) Await ur feedback on my new layout and offcourse khichdi of the post. I am at-


  15. yes..there is always light at the end...pleasant post yar..

  16. hahaha

    so cute... record a video and u shud put up here :)

  17. First pic is really cute Smitha.. :)

    He started talking.. Still I have the image of him when I have seen him :D :D

    Enjoy the weekend and do post about it.. :)

    Security people can't find it??? To whom they will run into??lol!!!

  18. Loved the pics!! :)
    He is so very preciously adorable!! :D

    And where is the pic of your tattoo?! :P

    What's Kinsella’s latest book's name?

    I am yet to read Picoult - very scared since she is very good and most of her books put the Reader thru an emotional wringer...

  19. Arnav is sooo cute.. :)
    Security confiscated your sodexo coupons..that is really strange..
    I have so many books to read.. havent been able to read a single book from past 5-6 months.. life was so hectic.. I have read couple of Kinsella's books and really liked them..must read more books by her

  20. classic…

  21. Enjoyed reading this post especially your conversations with Arnav.

  22. The latest by Kinsella is pretty good...but not as good as I have started expecting from her...hope you like it :)

    And as always, it's lovely to hear about the tiny one's mischief...

  23. oh tell me about it Smits..the very next week of Chirp's b'day we were invited to a kid's b'day party..I felt so happy,heheeh it was after like ages that I attended a kids party :)

  24. and that maaish with powww sounds super cute :)

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