16 November, 2012

Diwali Updates from a very Kaamkaaji* Bahu!!!

Happy Diwali Folks :-)
*The title means, a daughter in law who is very dutiful ;) bole to me!!
I am guilty of ignoring this space for the longest time and though I have good reasons for it but still I regret not updating the blog. Last fortnight has been quite hectic for me and I feel it had to be that way; it was festive season for God sake. In my last post I wrote how my foot was hurting and I was not sure about the reason behind it. Well, guess what? I remembered that I had injured it and though it is a long story which I promise will be covered in Jabalpur Chronicles (which I know I had promised to write) but the good news is that my foot is as good as perfect and I put it to full use for Diwali preparation at work & home. A big thanks for all you guys who asked for my well-being that last post will reply to your comments their soon.
A week before Diwali we were told that there would be a floor decoration competition at work and we decided to prepare with full force. Post loads of brainstorming sessions, loads of bickering, ego hassles and of course loads of fun we guys managed to deck up our floor for Diwali. So effectively the week before Diwali was spent in preparing for the festivity and the good aspect of it was that by the time the Diwali vacations kicked in I was already in a good mood to celebrate Diwali. Though we didn’t win the competition but the effort that was put in was lovely and the floor looked beautiful.
That doesn’t mean that life was all hunky dory because there was one thing that was troubling us. My In Laws were expected to go to Jaipur (to be with my Brother In Law for Diwali) but their reservation was in waiting. From Thursday till Saturday (8th-10th November) I & hubby would religiously sit in front of IRCTC to try tatkal reservation & after the so called system overhaul we had high hopes but we were in for a shock. The pathetic site would not allow us to log in and it would continue to be that ways for bloody 4 hours. Of course later we came to know that this time again we were thumped by the bloody brokers who were standing in queue to buy tickets (that were later being sold at twice or thrice the rate) and the system was hand in glove with it thus strategically crashing the site. God knows when we will be free of corruption. To cut the long story short, my in laws had a reservation for Sunday which never got confirmed and they had to celebrate the Diwali with us. Once the same was confirmed & they got out of the disappointment of the cancelled program we got into the Diwali groove and we started in the kitchen.
Between me & my MIL we managed to cook, Gulab Jamun, Anarsa, Rasgulla, Besan ke ladu (the first 2 were made by her & the latter ones were made by moi), Chivda, Masala Mathri & sweet mathri’s made by us jointly. As my hubby puts in, our kitchen smelled like a halwai ki shop. But honestly speaking this is the first time that I had put in this much effort in Diwali (besides the normal cleaning that is done) and I cannot tell you how satisfying it was. I guess the effort came in from the fact that I wanted to my child to enjoy Diwali the way we used to as kids. The fact that for two days before Diwali I was ta home helped. I even made not one but two rangoli’s and for a novice they turned up quite well.
As far as fire crackers were concerned they were too expensive and to buy them to burn was like burning money. So for the sake of festival we bought token crackers and my Son had a freaking time with them.
Besides that my 5 day vacation just flew by in no time but yes we enjoyed! I took my son for a play date at a friends place, pampered myself at a beauty parlor after a year and time just flew by.

One regret that I have is that unlike last year I did not respond to any of the Diwali messages that landed in mail box and didn’t even send any sms to anyone. I don’t know what happened to me for behaving this way & I feel sorry. I can reply to the messages now but feel it is too late. Hai na?

Needless to add that my dieting went for a toss during this time but I do not regret it because Diwali is the time to enjoy I did exactly that. What about you? Added any kilos?
Enough of my random jumping from here to there chatter, I will leave you with some images from the past 2 weeks.
Puja that we created at office

Rangoli at work

My Little Halwai

My Rangoli No 1

So much puja to perform

Doing the Jai!

The Puja & the vyanjan we cooked

My Rangoli No 2 - A floral one (tried this for the 1st time)

My neighbors perfect rangoli

Mom n Son fooling around

Fooljhari time with Daadu!

Don't disturb! Doing Annakoot Puja!
How was your diwali?


  1. So many delicacies.. :) good bahu indeed... and btw the little halwai is soo sooo cute. And yaar just fix your email subscription na.. I never get updates from your blog :(

  2. OMG I didn't do half of all that. Kudos to you and a very Happy Diwali. No, it's not late to respond to Diwali messages.

  3. it was so depressing......continous duty for 3 days on diwali days.....guess u had a blast...:)

  4. Impressive bhabhi!!! you are a true inspiration!!

  5. Oh wow!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Diwali in the true spirit of things!!
    Wish u a belated delightful Diwali :-)
    Your son will have delightful memories of this festival once he grows up :-)

    P.S.: Teach me how to make the rangoli and do the puja so elaborately na :P Me don't know :(

  6. Loved all the pics :) and the post too ofcos!

  7. Wow!! You are an ideal bahu!! Making so many goodies at home and rangoli too! Awesome!!
    As for kilos... well loads have got added to the existing extra kilos! *SIGH*

  8. Darn I should have stopped enroute from Goa at your place yesterday! It just didnt strike me :( I would have got such lovely delicacies...yummmmmm

    Happy Diwali da :)

  9. Wow! you guys have very similar customs & rituals to what we do *another similarity added in the already long list*
    Am bad at rangoli making, your flower rangoli too came out very well :)
    Lots of love to the little halwai and you sure are a hardworking bahu :)

  10. Loved all the rangoli pics!! Your flower rangoli came out very well . And the neighbour's rangoli was indeed perfect!
    Wow you made so many goodies!! Your MIL must be proud of having such a wonderful DIL:-)
    Loved the mom-n-son pic :-)

  11. You made so many things? :) That is wow!
    We ordered pizza from Dominos. :) Guess no one was in a mood to cook that day.

  12. happy diwali.. wow.. u cooked so many items.. great yar.. nice rangoli.. yes ur neighbors rangoli seemed perfect.. nice pics of duo.. :)

  13. awwwww you are the WOMAN as they say ooops I shud say , you are the BAHUUUUUUUUUUUU :)

    so many things you made , all I did was order from shop easy peasy he he heh e

    Happy happy diwali yayyyyyyyyyy


  14. yes.. i attempted some sweet making too :) the kids should have fun the same way we had.. you are right!

    glad you had fun! I did too :)

  15. Looks like you had a great time!! :D
    We had a very quiet Diwali... :)

  16. It seems like you had a lot of fun on Diwali.
    May the blessings of happiness and joy be yours.
    Happy Diwali!

    - Akhila
    Diwali Decorations


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