10 December, 2012

A Weekend With Salman Khan!

Today I had thought that the first thing to go out of my computer would be this post but I propose and God opposes. So after 4 hours of starting this post and with a changed beginning here I am to tell you about my weekend Sunday.
After the last weeks hectic Sunday I was clear that I wanted or rather needed rest. Got up at 8 though I would have loved to sleep a little more but with a toddler at home this will be a dream only. Made Mooli paratha’s for breakfast, Palak Paneer for lunch, season’s first Gajar Halwa, a fully loaded salad and the usual roti’s.
While I was feeding Arnav my hubby plugged in the I Pod and half an hour was spent dancing on all Item songs, from Pandyji Seeti to Dhinka Chika… we had fun. It was while dancing that I saw the top page of Mumbai Mirror. Ek tha Tiger was playing on Sony Max thus in a scurry T.V. was switched on and Arnav & his Mom were glued in.
When a Salman Khan movie is playing you should see both of us, we sit together open mouthed with our eyes not leaving the screen. My hubby in the meanwhile had gone to take bath. While we were watching the fabulous train sequence Arnav had an urge to do potty. He has awesome timing that ways, with a mouthful of roti & gajar ka halwa he said ‘potty aai’. So in the break I rushed to clean him up and when he protested ‘Salman Uncle!’, I told him that we will clean up before the break ends.
He was cleaned and scooted off. Half a minute later he rushed to me (I was still in the washroom cleaning myself) and said, ‘Salman Uncle a gaye, aao Mumma!!’
Sigh!!! Was so proud I of him? ha!
We saw the movie till he his afternoon bedtime. I too slept & rested but my sleep was quite disturbed. Wondering why? Well as per my diet plan I was to eat Golgappa’s as the evening snack and I couldn’t control my excitement in anticipation.
So we had golgappa’s and when we came back home it was Dabangg time as the movie was playing on some channel. But duty called and I was onto dinner preparation as we had a varied menu with me eating Mooli Paratha, Sonny boy had aloo paratha, Father In Law Masala Paratha & MIL & Hubby had poha. Yes we have a running dhaba here, you get what you want ;)
So while feeding my son Dabangg viewing was resumed with me & Arnav with their mouths open. As the movie was nearing its end I turned to my Hubby and said, ‘I can torture you a little more because Ek Tha Tiger starts again at 9 pm i.e. as soon as this one adds”. He said he was absolutely ok with it because he understands that I need to memorise what all clothes Salman Khan has worn in each sequences. I decided to ignore the sarcasm and went on to switch the channel. Thus we saw the opening sequence which we had missed in the morning show.
Man, how good he looks!! Sigh!!! And You should have seen him in Bog Boss on Saturday, that Killer pink shirt!
This exchange reminds me of the exchange we had a couple of days before Diwali, I think it was Saturday evening and they were playing Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and I was watching it earnestly & saying all the dialogues along with the characters.
Me: I remember all the dialogues of this movie.
Him: *Expressionless*
Me: but I feel I remember that of Maine Pyaar Kiya more properly.
Him: huh!
Me: Arrey they haven’t shown that movie from such a long time.
Him: I am sure we have a CD of it. Watch it!
Me: Who has the time and as is you have not unpacked the CD boxes. Sigh! What a movie it is!
Him: Do you know who was Ghatotkacha?
Me: *struggles hard with the memory of watching some Ramayana sequence couple of weeks back* Of course I do, he was the bird who had died while trying to save Sita from Ravana and had then later informed Raamji about the incident.
The look on his face said it all that I was totally off key.
Me: No?
Him: He was bheem’s son.
Me: Are you sure?
Next day while resting I suddenly remembered that I had to tell something to hubby (who was in the living room) so I came out and while we were talking I heard some music from a neighbour’s house..
Me: Maine Pyaar Kiya aa rahi hai kahin.
Him: *in a resigned manner* yes!
Me: *While switching on the TV* Why didn’t you tell me?
Him: You were resting
Me: So what, you remember yesterday only I was telling that I wanted to watch that movie? Kya aapka farz nahin banta ki batao?
Him: Farz?
Me: Yes!!!
And life goes on…..
If you are confused as to how I knew that MPK was playing, well the music that I had heard was the signature tune “tum ladki ho”.
Some things in life will never change and one of them is my love for Salman Khan and I am very proud that I have managed to pass on the legacy on to my son!
Mera Chulbul Pandey!

Now tell me how was your weekend?


  1. heheh.. too cute you and your son are!!!Enjoyed reading the post..

    We don't have a TV at home and so our weekends are a bit different :)

  2. When I read your title, I was like, 'Your teerth from last week has been completely safal' :) You got to spend the weekend with Salman :)

    I have to say, you have been completely successful in passing on your devotion to your son :) The two of you can hit the movies first day first show once he is older :)

  3. I am laughing out loud, Smita!! You are awesome!! Love your Salman Khan craze!! :D

    As for us... well, the first half went in lazing around as we had planned for a action packed evening. We left home at 4 pm to see the chrysanthemum flowers exhibition (it had some 4000 pots of this flower in different shades and sizes and was talk of the town). We enter the gates and the guard tells us with a smile that it's over!
    We had booked tickets for Life of Pi show at 7.30 pm so had good 1.5 hour to kill. We went to my sister's place, had tea and samosas and soon it was time to leave for the movie and all the others join hands (except me) to drop the movie and party at home! So, we gave tickets to my sister's sis in law and we stayed back and partied!! Seen anybody relinquishing tickets of a brilliant movie for food and drinks!?

  4. I have the same fascination with any Hollywood movie coming on any channel. Geet cannot understand how I can watch the same movie 10 times even if half of it is over. :)
    Similarly, I cannot understand how she can shop forever. She only stops when I tell her that I am about to die of exhaustion in another 10 minutes.
    Perfect life is made of such idiosyncrasies. :)

  5. WOW!! If he reads this he might just call you over to the Big Boss sets!
    Superbly narrated!!

  6. Sahi me. I think your hubby does not kill you because you cook so well. :) And tumne bete ko bhi apne saath bigaad rakha hai :)

  7. LOL!! U confused Ghaktotkacha with Jadayu?? But would still remember all names of Salman from various movies?? Point taken!!! :P

    And your hubby!! What all new farz you add to his to-do list everyday! :D

    You know what?? One year down the line, I can so easily imagine you and Vimal competing with each other to write similar posts like these. But I guess since you have a headstart, let's see how it goes ;-) he he

  8. My wife will be happy to meet u n strenghen Salman fan club.

  9. LOL Smita! You really are a big fan of salman Khan :)

  10. I had a huge smile reading your post :D I am yet to meet another die-hard fan of Salman like you!

    Lovely picture of Arnav... :)

  11. he he he he he .. what do i say more now


  12. hmmm.. so u have passed it on successfully.. i can see it.. my weekend went on going doctor.. bunty is not well.. but she has recovered..

  13. Hi Salman, Wish you many many happy returns of the day. Hope someday will see you contributing for social cause in a bigger way like many holiwood stars.


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