03 December, 2012

A Whacky Sunday!

A bright Good Afternoon from a tired soul with a sore back but details on that later let me first begin with what is high on my agenda. Today on an impulse I decided that I will try to be my regular blogging self which means I will try to post thrice a week. I used to do that earlier and I am sure I can manage it again because it is nothing but a matter of time management. I have decided that 1st thing that I will try to do after switching on my PC will be to key down some thoughts here. So guys’ n gals wish me luck!
Getting back to the sore back, yesterday we attended India’s first ever Soapbox Race at Bandra. It was my Hubby’s idea to visit the event and I am glad we went there. The race is a fun event where the participants were to innovatively design their cars and drive them through a slope. There were certain rules like the cars were not allowed to have any motors, breaks, the weight of car & driver could only be 160 kgs etc. 
We decided to take a train anticipating heavy traffic and reached the venue on time. When we reached the race had not started and the crows was just filtering in. After a little deliberation and a little exploration we managed to find a cold yet strategic spot and the wait began. There were some test runs where the vehicles didn’t even manage to start. The best was what happened with the RJ of Red FM, the bugger started and immediately fell down and was finally taken away in an ambulance. The event was being anchored by my favourite Cyrus Brocha who was his usual whacky self.
The real fun began after Imran Khan & Vishal Bhardwaj came in to promote their movie, Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. As soon as I saw him with his beard my reaction was ‘how ugly & dirty is looking’ and a girl young girl standing behind me at the same time uttered, ‘how cool is he looking’. Sigh!!! I Tried taking his photo but by the time I could understand the zoom function of our new camera he was gone! And then began the real race. There were hordes of whacky cars and it was fun to cheer for them. After staying there for two hours we decided to move out. Arnav was mostly a well behaved boy and was busy with something or the other all the while. He managed to spend half an hour on the Red FM guys broken gaddi, drank a little red bull energy drink and then with the energy gathered he played with a piece of thermocol, managed to fall down, had a bump on his head and enjoyed the biking stunts. He surely had fun.
The event on whole was well organised but the only negative thing about it was that there were long gaps between each gaddi’s and there times when we felt nothing was happening. But all in all a good event.
After that we came out, showed bandstand beach to Arnav who was insisting on going into the sea but was somehow placated. Then we did what I had wanted to do for years and in Husband’s words I visited my teerth i.e. I completed a pilgrimage by seeing Salman Khan’s house! Go laugh at me but it is a fact that my stay in Mumbai was incomplete without it :P
While we were on our way to the Soapbox we had noticed that a circus was playing near Lilavati hospital and that become our next stop. We thought that Circus is an experience which Arnav would enjoy and how wrong we were. Don’t get me wrong here, it is not that he didn’t like it, the fact was that he did not even watch it because he was busy playing with the mud in the grounds and his parents watched on. There were hardly an audience and I could not help wondering how do these people survive? Do they even make money? What kind of lives do they live?
Though I enjoyed the circus but for me it was incomplete without animals and yes I am totally for the animal rights but somehow the whole thing looked incomplete without them. When I think of circus I am transported to my childhood and how the smell of animals used to hit us as soon as we would enter the circus premises. All that was missing and the stunts that were displayed their were somehow reminiscent of the ones that are now splashed on TV through mediums like Entertainment ke Liye Kucch bhi Karega/ India’s Got Talent/ Shabash India etc.
By the time the Circus ended we were hungry and we decided to visit Phoenix Market City Mall at Kurla. When we entered the mall I saw a hoarding saying, ‘If you are planning to see the whole Mall in one day please carry your Binoculars’, I laughed out loud only to realise much later that the words were true. The mall is never ending and there isn’t a brand or a restaurant which you cannot find here. It was quite overwhelming but fun. We ate, browsed a little & moved out on time. Caught a train home and were back by 8. All in all it was a tiring yet a very satisfying weekend.
Arnav had truckloads of fun, was tired to bits by end but we could safely say he had a gala time. The only time he cried was when he was hurt and then when we were changing his clothes near bandstand the poor fellow thought that we would be taking him to the beach for a bum-bum i.e. bath. It was tough to pull him out from there but my ‘I am going to Salman Uncles house you stay here’ did the trick. Ya we a are a star struck family ;)
So how was your weekend?
Here are pictures from the trip, I tried to add a slideshow in here but as u can see was unsuccessful. You can skip the pictures if you find it too much. ;-)

Gulabo from Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola

Whacky Car 1!
Another one!
Gold Car!!
Another one!
Thermocol wala aya!
Trying the uncork the already open can ;)
Enjoying the drink!
Hum bhi!

Enjoying the Mango Shot!

Just below the arrow is Imran Khan!

The Circus!


  1. oh the race sounds so much fun :)

  2. oh thats so much fun! I loved that pic of you and Arnav :)

    LOL on your teerth...we will never agree on this one will we :):)

    Next time make a visit to our side of town...while you and hubby can explore the malls *rolls eyes* in our area, Arnav and R can do some serious thermocol breaking :)

  3. Wow!! You had loads of fun!! LOL on your teerth... you saw it for the first time??
    It was the same for us... we had taken Aaryan to a circus (for the very same reasons) when he was 4 or 5 yr old... he was busy with something else and KG and I watched the whole show!! It's a sad state now-a-days for the circus people... heard about a lot of exploitation too!
    Interesting pics!

  4. Ah! the joys of living in Mumbai :)
    I like the colorful pictures and I have to agree with you that it took me a while to realise it's Imran behind that ugly beard in the MKBKM.

    Congratulations on finally getting to drop by salman's residence. C'mon you should have taken a picture from outside for us to see.

    I am glad you all had a fantastic, fun weekend :)

  5. So much fun on a single day; I am jealous :D

  6. Soapbox Race....I was thinking it had something to do with people snatching soapboxes and taking shower in the open!!

    Looks like Arnav had loads of fun. Boys do love anything on wheels no?

    I find Imran Khan blegh just like I find the other Khan you have mentioned here ;)

    The state of Circus in India is so sad. Too much exploitation.

    The mall sounds cool. Will pay my homage there next time I land in Bombay :)

  7. Wow now that is a good day out .. my weekend well not as great as yours and I am jealous just letting you know :)

    Imran looks small in the pic :)


  8. Wow what a full day you had. And Salman.. sorry we're onto another Khan ;-). As for thermacol.. always gets a thumbs up from all of us here. Hope Arnav's bump is better.

  9. What fun! The race sounds like a lot of fun!

    So you finally made your teerth :) Thermacol - Don't even go there! Once daughter and a friend of hers decided that it would be fun to break thermocol, in my attic, and it took me days to clean it up. Carpets and thermocols just do not go together :)

    We went to a circus last year- and all three of us loved it! It was just magical!

  10. Looks like you had a fun weekend. You managed to go for the soap box race eh?
    We were hanging around nearby Bandra before the race but somehow did not feel like attending it.

    You went to the circus also? Wow!
    I loved the circus as a kid... but I guess these days I feel differently, mostly from the part of the animals. But yes I agree with you that the circus does not feel the same without the animals.

    Oh yea Kurla Phoenix mall...! You can walk forever!! We got exhausted after roaming around for 5 hours one evening...and it STILL wasn't over!! Phew!

    Glad u r able to take time out on some weekends for taking Arnav out :-)

  11. Wow..what a weekend that was! The race must have been fun. Thanks for pointing out Imran Khan in the pic above else I wouldn't have found him :)

    Congratulations...you finally managed to catch a glimpse of your demigod's home! May a day come when he invites you in ;)

  12. A soapbox race? That sounds like such fun. Man, I miss Bombay so much.

  13. The race is such a different idea. Never heard of it before. And did you take a pic of Salman's house?
    And no animals in a circus? When did this happen?

  14. Some race it must have been! Pilgrimage to Salman's house, eh?! Circus...not sure if I would enjoy them anymore!

  15. beauty is in beholders eye..IK is ugly and beauty for someone else :P

    where is sallus home snap?...

  16. I so want to watch that movie - Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola!! LOL!!

    Looks like you had a fun weekend! :)
    I went and watched Talaash.. enjoyed the movie. :)

  17. Looks like you had a super fun Sunday :) :) I have always wanted to see this kind of whacky car race! Good that you had a chance of witnessing it :)

    LOL on completing your teerth.. I was wondering what it would be.. until I read the sentence fully :D

    I have been to the circus only once in my lifetime.. and I dont remember anything much from that experience as I was too small then. I had been wanting to go to a decent circus for the past three years.. somehow its not materializing.

    Photos look super good and I love Arnav's snaps as usual :)

  18. Thumbs up for your new resolution. Hope to catch up with you thrice a week :)

    I hope the sore back is better now. And hey Soapbox seems like a pretty interesting event. The cars are looking whacky and weird.

  19. Oh I would love to see such innovative cars :) Good that the three of you were able to see a film promotion in it too ;)

    Where is the pic of Salman's house? Chalo, chalk, give us a mafat ka look :D

    I have never been to a circus :|

    We have a Phoenix mall in Bangalore too, yes..you can keep on walking in it forever..its so huge..and then you can easily get lost in its parking too..rows and rows and rows of vehicles..phew!!

    Thrice a week..hmm..so when is the next post due :)


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