25 December, 2012

Being A Christmas Baby!!!

I never thought that I will be putting up this post because I have somehow been averse to declaring own birthday on the blog. I feel too embarrassed in doing so, it is like asking for wishes not that I do not call up friends and say you didn’t wish me but that happens with people who really know me. On the blog you just know the side that I show you so we don’t really know each other ‘THAT’ well, yes I am being honest. So what made me write this post?
Well sharing my Birthday with Jesus Christ is something which is very special and I thought it is a topic worth writing so here I am.
Birthdays are special to everyone but I have always felt that I am extra special because the whole world celebrates my birthday and realised the beauty of it from the day I could understand things. Waking up, switching the TV on, seeing the special festive atmosphere gives you the feeling that the whole world is celebrating with you. The sounds of Christmas Carols and the Xmas songs make me feel that they are being sung for me ;-)
As I started going to school I had a major grouch. Every single classmate of mine would celebrate their birthday in school, wear their special dress and distribute chocolates and I never got to do that because Christmas used to be a holiday.  As my Mom recalls I used to tell her “please change my Birthday”.
Now the tables have turned, every next person is having a holiday and here I am sitting in office wishing it was a holiday. And the worst part is the behaviour of my closet friend, she knows me for bloody 8 years and she also knows that I work on every Christmas yet she doesn’t forget to ask me every time, “Ah! You working on Christmas? I am not!!!” Life main jab aise dost hain to who needs an enemy? Even Hubby is cooling heels at home, ironies of life!!!
But as I was saying, having a Birthday on such an iconic day means that not only do I feel special but I also get wished by so many people because as people say it isn’t easy to forget my this day. On one hand I feel blessed with so many wishes and on other hand I feel guilty because I am not able to wish even half the people who wish me. Wish I could change that aspect of my life.
The down side of having a birthday today is that sometimes people feel I am fooling around and they don’t believe that I am a Christmas baby. Then there are people who come to wish me, say Merry Christmas and go away! Sigh! I remember when I was in college a senior of mine had would come and wish Merry Christmas and go away. She finally wished me a just a minute before the date changed.
As far as plans for today are concerned, have baked a chocolate cake, icing is pending and once that is done will surely put up a photo. Will be cutting a cake in office as well.. Friends are dropping in evening and we are planning to go out for dinner to join the festivities of Christmas J
On that Wish you guys a Merry Christmas
P.S. - The icing on the cake of my Birthday? I share my sun sign with Salman Khan and his Birthday falls just a day after mine, i.e. on 27th, karmic or heartwala connection? ;-)


  1. A very happy birthday to you Smita!! Yes, you are blessed to be celebrating your birthday with Jesus!!
    But why are you in office??
    Have a great day and fabulous evening with family and friends and a superb year ahead!
    Cheers :)

  2. The P.S. icing beats all the other icings, Smita!

    Happy B'day once again! Take an extra bite of your choc-cake from me :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! And you work on Christmas??? Isn't it a public holiday?

  4. hahaha icing on the cake, yummy ;)

    no chutti in office? me has me has :P After all I'm THE HR you see ;)

    Wishing you a lovely day ahead, have a happy b'day Smits!

  5. Hehe U had to bring Sallu bhai into picture na? :P
    Wishing both of u a very birthday :D

  6. "people who really know me"

    Ahh! I thought I know you and you are going to invite me for Pakoda's when I visit Mumbai!

    Annkhein khul gayi aaj meri...

  7. On the blog you just know the side that I show you so we don’t really know each other ‘THAT’ well, yes I am being honest

    Well, unknowingly, but people know you by the way you write more then anything. In fact there studies on it and Ohh yeah! I am being honest too!

    Me too worked today! so feel better now and .... I just forgot to say

    Happy Bday..! :)

  8. Happy Bday dear...

    and sharing karmic connection... no doubt!! He owns bollywood u own blogger world.... see B and B :)))

    Njoy :)

  9. Hey Happy Birthday...Hope you are enjoying big time :)

  10. Hey happy birthday... From one capricorn to another. I'm one day after your wala khan. :-p. Enjoy the cake.

  11. Belated happy birthday!! working on your birthday sucks though. I celebrate mine in a couple of days, and even though it's a working day, like always, I would take a leave... there is no way I can work on my birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday once again!
    And why are you in office on Christmas?

  13. Happy Birthday :) and what more than sharing the sun sign with salman khan :)

  14. happy b'day.. :).. so we are same month born.. :)

  15. Happy Birthday :) & Merry Christmas :)

    I always thought mine was the more special birthday :P :P Coz I shared it with Rajnikant ! ;)

  16. Belated B'day wishes :) See I am wishing you on Salman Khan's B'day... so the celebrations continue today :)

  17. many many happy returns of the day ..
    and you worked christams GOOOOOD .. I was working toooo :) thank god i found someone who had to work


  18. Belated b'day wishes Smita!!! I am sorry I am late to wish u.
    I feel I am extremely lucky...Reason- I got a piece of ur b'day cake and it was so so so yummyyyy. TC dear!!!.

  19. Belated Birthday wishes Smita!!

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