13 December, 2012

How would you react to these situations!!!

My brat is growing up fast and his antics are becoming entertaining day by day. But sometimes there are situations when he puts us in a position where you can neither laugh nor cry. Lemme narrate some.
This morning the TV was on and he was watching it with his Daadi when the "Fevicol Se" song from Dabangg 2 came up. His immediate reaction was "Mumma ka song a gaya" and after a little prodding from my MIL he says 'Mumma dances on this'.
My reaction? *speechless & blushing till toes*
Husbands reaction? *you never showed me the dance*
Men will be Men!
One evening he was standing in a corner and made a sound which was sounded like 'shhhh' i.e. basically how we prod him to do susu. So he made the noise peed a little, moved a little ahead peed again, moved again peed again....so basically leaving a trail of susu all over the living room and further ahead. No amount of "Arnav don't do this" could stop him.
Hubby refused to believe that this is possible giving the argument, 'once you start peeing how can you control'. I was like I have seen it so do not question me.
But when all this was happening we didn't know whether to laugh or to reprimand him.
When you take him to the washroom he aims & pees. A typical Male's behavior na?
That day I was insisting him to talk to his Naani and he was in no mood. He reprimanded me in his childish way and ran out.
When his Daadi asked him why did you behave like this? He says, 'baat maanti hai na'. What he actually meant was that I don't listen to him.
*rolls her eyes*
These days his days begin & end with 2 questions. "Yeh kiski awaaz hai & yeh kaun se colour hai" (what sound is this & what color is this).
You have 2 ways to answer him, either you tell him the correct answer and be ready to face the next question. Or say there is no sound and pat you will get the correct answer, if you ask him when he knew the answer why was he even asking the question? The only reply you will get is in the form of a new question.
Sometimes I have to really tell him to shutup for at least 2 minutes which is like asking for some impossible. He takes on me, trust me!
Day before yesterday when I was in office hewent to my room and started missing me. He started chanting "Mumma! Mumma!" and came to the door. His grandfather told him that Mumma has gone to office but he realised that things could go out of hand.
So to divert his mind he asked him, 'where is daadi, has she gone to office?'
My brat turned to him and said, 'Daadi is having bath, Mumma has gone to office. You sit there and don't cry, Daadi abhi a jayegi'.
*role reversal of a different kind haan*
P.S. I am planning to post start something on my Food blog today. Please pray for me that I manage to do it. Will Put up a link here later.

Update: Here is a link to my Food Blog Cook, Eat, Burrp! go read my recipe of Stuffed Baigan


  1. Cute one......Have been reading your blog quite regularly but sometimes forget to comment.....

    waiting for the link to ur food blog too! Good luck...

  2. Really, loved, loved this post. Arnav is too smart haan! My son is 16 months now and no matter how much I resolve not to yell at him, he very innocently makes me do it. He is just curious around the house but we end up frustrated. You know how it is!

  3. Laughing out loud at all the incidents!! My God! It is full entertainment with kids around! Arnav is a smart kid!! We also want to see your dance on Fevicol Se!! :D

  4. Right now tho, I wil only lol on his sweet antics :P :P

  5. Lol! Arnav is a complete source of entertainment for you guys! He is just too smart and cute:)

  6. He he... and wait the fun has just begun

  7. OMG...Arnav sounds like Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment! And kids these days love the role reversal more, I guess!

    My 4 year old can keep me on my toes, make me mad, make me yell and all that, but can bring the smile out of me in just a jiffy! I'm gonna miss all this when she grows up.

  8. I am not saying anything here .. man thing .. right ..

    but the first one Right so , one day after work when hubby returns surprise him with that dance on the song he he he he :)

    God bless the little one he is a constant source of entertainment he he he


  9. Hehe... he is too cute :) Loved reading his antics :)

  10. Gosh! I burst out laughing..this guy is so so adorable :) I have to meet him yaar!

  11. all the best for the food blog.. aiming and peeing.. he he he..

  12. No wonder people say parents spend the first two years of a kid's life teaching it to walk and talk. And then they spend the next 16 years telling it to sit down and shut up! :D

  13. Video video.. we want video of the dance.
    He aims.. good for him.. hrit doesn't and that's horrid moreso in household with two girls.

  14. so cute.. even I was infamous for harassing my mom with questions :)
    Loved your new blog..hope to see some nice recipes :)

  15. Hahaha! You purposely left the best one for the last, didnt you? That was too good!

    Now let me go and drool at your food-blog :)

  16. Video video... dance video :D on popular demand it should be here :) and Arnav is a wonder boy :D

  17. I am laughing like crazy here :D Arnav and his antics :D :D Mumma dances on this.. was classic :P


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