31 January, 2013

That Salman Khan Moment of my life!!!!

Have you ever dreamt of being recognised by random people?
Like we usually spot celebrities?
Quit smiling to yourself and admit it because I very well know that deep within our hearts all of us commoners dream of being a part of the crème de la crème of some or the other community or society. We all have our dreams and being recognised by our names is one of mine and this turned true. I had my moment of spotting this Monday and no, I did not spot anybody but it was the other way around.
Work has been very hectic lately and I have been leaving early for office, this Monday I took lift from a friend (Lets call her N). She was incidentally dropping another friend (let’s call her R) of hers at the Station before we continued our run to the office. One Tuesday N called me and we had this conversation
She: remember the friend who was there in the car with us on Monday?
Me: Yes!
She: She says she knows you.
Me: Is it? How? (I tried recollecting her face but couldn’t place her)
She: She says she reads your blog
Me: Hmmmm! (I smiled at that)
She: I told R that it isn’t possible because S doesn’t have time for these things but guess what? She knows your name (though the surname was wrong).
Me: *Smiling*
She: Then I said that you are working and have a kid at home so you don’t have time for blogging etc. But you know what?
Me: What? *Still Smiling*
She: R said your son’s name! Do you really write?
Me: Ya I do.
She: *gushing* where do you find the time?
I changed the topic but needless to say I was a little excited. I mean to be recognised by a stranger because of your blog is surely a high for me. To top it all R told N that she refers my blog for book reviews which however sent me on a guilt trip because I have not reviewed books from many days. Another interesting fact here is that R herself doesn’t blog but knows all about me, ya she made a comment on me being a Salman Khan fan *wink* *wink*.
Though the fact that a complete stranger knows all about me and may be my family was a little daunting but I guess that is what I have chosen to write about so I should not be complaining. So R if you are reading this, a big shout out for you, though I might not have shown this but you gave me a high and some excitement :-)
So how have you guys been? I know I have been absent for quite some time but what to do buried under work and though I am brimming with stories to share (I met Scribby) and reviews to write but not getting time…..even this post has been squeezed out God knows how! But then I needed to update this space for my own sanity :-)
Hoping the next week will be better….keep well and please share in the comments that one moment of your life which made you feel like a celebrity. Please!!! :-)
P.S. Ahem!!! As far as the title goes, well.........do I really need to explain it? ;-)


  1. Wow!! That's truly a high moment!! Damn cool! :)
    My celebrity moment? Well some time back, there was a article on Women Bloggers in DNA After Hrs, which had my pic and interview... so lots of people called or spoke about it whenever we met. And some time back a building acquaintance said she reads my blog and mentioned some posts which she liked... that truly made my day! :D

  2. You already are a celebrity blogger, get used to it ;)

    Well, as for the question which you have asked, I was once told by a lecturer in a college tech-fest that she has seen me in a competition in the school which we both attended...how she remembered me..I dont know :D
    Thats my celebrity moment ;) ok, now don't stifle your smile :D


  3. Salman Khan moment haan? Lolz.. but it really does give one a high.

  4. It surprises me that this surprised you. Of course, you are a celebrity. Look at the number of people who follow you :-)
    No such moment in my life though.

  5. woohoo..it was a celebrity spotting moment for me...n i have been talking to everyone about it:P
    Your book reviews are wonderful and extremely helpful...have been lurking here for around 2 years...Thank you

  6. Now I can tell everyone that I am friends with a celebrity and she is on my Facebook friend list too!! :P

  7. but but Smita, you are already a celebrity arent you?

    Its wonderful that you got recognized..now you know how poor Salman khan feels eh? ;)

  8. You are a celebrity already! Hope there be a day when Salman Khan spots you :P

  9. wah wah ...at this rate I am pretty sure one day Salman himself will land at your doorstep after he googles himself and reads that you have mentioned him like a million times on your blog :) :)

  10. congrats! thats awesome. My blog is nowhere as popular as yours, but somehow it has quite a mallu following. So one of my mallu friends had gone on a blind date with a mallu girl, and they were having polite first meeting conversations: work, life, hobbies etc etc, and both of them suddenly discovered that they follow MY blog!!!
    Not exactly a celebrity moment, but yes, I can imagine the high you are talking about when a complete stranger recognizes you through your blog...

  11. I think you can safely answer the question when it comes in a blog interview : "What was the best moment in your blogging life so far?" :D Right?

  12. * Claps * One of those little moments in life that bring a smile to you face :)
    Wah ji Wah !!

  13. Celebrity moment eh?! ;)
    I wish someone recognised me that way for the blog!! :D
    but, all recognition that has come my way has been someone from school or college recognising me and that has never turned out well! :P

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  15. Oh wow! That would be enough to make my month. :)

  16. Should I stand up and clap... :) I am Smita... truly a Salman Khan moment :)

  17. wow! that is so cool.. You write such awesome reviews, no wonder you are famous :)

  18. Superb.
    A moment to cherish forever :)

  19. LOL at Sakshi's comment;-D...but yeah it happened to me too & I blogged abt it somewhere. My friend's new collegue happened to hear her mentioning my daughters' names and asked if I was the mother;-D. Can u imagine my friend's amazed expression...esp since she is the kind who thinks blogs[esp mine;-P] are overrated;-D.

    Love the title;-))

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  21. Wow Cool. Guess what you got one more R as a regular reader :)

  22. such moments leave you feeling so exposed but then this is the path we chose for us!


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