18 February, 2013

Dosti Ki Hai To Nibhani To Padegi.....

The week that has gone by brought in loads of surprises for me. Happy surprises!!
I think it was Tuesday and after putting brat to bed I suddenly remembered my good old college days & to be more specific my friend A. He was my friend from my MBA Days; we were in fact a group of 6 friends, 5 guys and me the sole girl. Of them I got along very well with 4. A, Y, G & S is how I would name them. 
Y, was the guy with whom I used to travel during our holidays as he was from Ahmedabad. We share a special bond and have managed to keep in touch even after completing MBA. We have met off and on; I have attended his marriage reception etc. When I think of our friendship I always remember how scared I was of him initially all because he was like those TDH types with a very heavy voice and I was given an impression that he smokes, drinks but is not bad at all by a common friend (it was a prank). Eventually it turned out he is a gem of a person and the first journey that we made to Ahmedabad deserves a full post in itself.
G, is a shy guy with the most articulate English and every word that he utters is polished, spoken with a thought and in a very unique Gish manner. Another gem of a person with whom I have always been touch, we speak at least once a year & exchange messages on birthday’s n festivals. We might not speak regularly but I know he is always there for me.
S, again a very good friend but sadly we are not in touch with each other. Though it was one of the toughest decisions of my life to break that friendship but I guess it was for best. No regrets because there are things in life which cannot be pardoned ever. Period!
A, gem of a guy & the gentleman of the batch! Respected by all girls and though treated by everyone as “he is so seedha”, I knew his reality. Jat by birth & heart, he is incorrigible. Always treated me like a guy, would hold the door open for me saying “Ladies first” and then will say “Tum to ladki hi nahin ho” and will walk ahead. Bugger!!! Our friendship, I feel bloomed more after passing out, we remained in touch for quite some time and then he got married (I went for his marriage all the way to Faridabad) and disappeared. Eternally lazy, this guy just moved out of radar, never bothered to reply to mails and Facebook/ Orkut etc were just not his cup of tea.
So when this Tuesday I had a pang and remembered him suddenly, I messaged Y to send him his number but knew in the heart of my heart that the search will be futile and I would not be in touch with him. When I came to work on Wednesday on a whim I googled him and stumbled across a paper written by somebody with the same name. Again acting on a whim I mailed him from my office ID (which I shouldn’t have done) and forgot about it. To my utter surprise I got a reply with 2 mins and the mails said “I will not reply”, I laughed out loud at that knowing immediately that I have found A. 2 mins later he called me (my number was there in my mail) and we spoke after I think 6-7 years. What was shocking was that Tuesday night only he had landed in Pune and was quite shocked with my timing, I mean we were not in touch for more than 6 years and I suddenly remembered him when he was somewhere near my city. I feel it was telepathy or my sixth sense working.
Whatever it was I was grinning the whole day. Doesn’t it feel great to find somebody whom you never expecting to find? And then when you start talking as the years in between never existed?
Then last week I also touched base with G & Y by talking to them and reminiscing the good old days.
Besides the above mentioned friends I had a group of girly friends which comprised of A, H, R, S & I. we all are still in touch in fact S & A are in Mumbai only and thus we have met few times. But I haven’t seen R after my convocation day because she got married & moved to U.S.A. & though we talk at least once a year but it cannot replace the joy of meeting.
But Guess what?
I am meeting her this Thursday because she is in India and her return flight is from Mumbai. So, we have decided to meet at the airport. For me it will be quite hectic & loads of running around but then I don’t know when we will meet next & then dosti ki hai to nibhani to padegi na ;-)
S, will also be there & I am sure we will create quite a ruckus. 
It feels so great to be back in touch with people who matter to you. I have always felt that making friends is no big deal but to maintain it is the real acid test. As Y says ‘he want our kids to be friends also’ and I so much agree with him but the distances are killer. I hope we all meet one day. I also wish that I manage to find 3 more friends of mine whom I have been looking for everywhere possible but still no trace of them :-(
So w is your equation with your college friends? Still in touch with them?
P.S The title is from Maine Pyar Kiya & basically means "Friendship is for Keeps & once u r into it you have to live to it"

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  1. Gah! not able to comment, hope this one gets through

    was saying that you guys are amazingly nice friends and I hope I get to meet up with YOU soon :)

    have fun at the airport

  2. RM I think it was some setting trouled, have resolved it, hopefully!

    Thank you :) and of course we will meet soon :)

  3. It's always nice to meet people after many years....you get to relive the memories :)

  4. it's such a warm fuzzy feeling, when you meet old friends...

  5. It is indeed a wonderful feeling! I met up with a childhood friend, after a gap of almost 15 years.. and it was just wonderful! Technology thankfully has made it easier for us :)

  6. One college friend is my wife ! :P :P in touch with a couple of others... more in touch with school friends as most of them were/are in this town... college was in another town baroda and hence lil contact... :(

  7. Wow! The timing is totally like telepathy isn't it? :-)
    It's always awesome meeting up with school friends and college friends. No matter how old you grow, you feel like you have gone back in time to your school/college days!

  8. It feels wonderful to get back in touch with old friends :) and really the timing is wonderful... telepathy... :)

  9. Its such fun to connect with college friends!! :D

    I went a girls' college! And I'm in touch with a few of them thru FB.
    But, after years connected with 2 good friends and we talk regularly on the phone! :)

  10. oh and it must have been fun to connect back with your friends! :)
    what instincts!! And yes, have fun reconnecting with your friend at the airport. :)

  11. Wow!! That's so awesome. I experienced a similar thing... I lost touch with a MBA friend after he got married and moved abroad and then after 7-8 years, I googled him and found him, and we are in touch since then... it is simply a beautiful feeling to meet old friends again!

  12. wow sweet post yar...nothing like friends..i am in touch with most of my mumbai TOI friends as i worked there 18 yrs...cant forget the vada pavs and pav bhajis on the roadside outside VT..that too v used to eat after midnight..shucks i miss the subject..haan friends..they make our lives..and u r also among my best friends..u know that..

  13. Wow.. friends are the best no...
    I am in touch with friends through whatsapp and we talk usually on birthdays.. you know the reason, as you said - Distances are killer :(

    But rest all my friends are married in same city, they all are still in touch, meet regularly, even their kids are in same schools.. Only I am very far away from them..

  14. Hey The Rebel Girl :)

    Exactly my point dear!!!

    Hey T2M :)

    Ya dear very true!!!

    Hey Smitha :)

    wow almost 15 years? And yes technology has redcued the distances!!!!

    Hey Swaram:)


    Hey nd60 :)

    hehehehe....to get in contact sir ji!!!

    Hey Ashwathy :)

    Yes, the timing was a little bang on ;)
    And ur comments reminds me that it is high time that we guys met...ekts fix up something...

    Hey Jas :)

    Ya I know the timing was too good :)

    Hey Pixie :)

    Yes it is :)

    We shud stay in touch with frenz, I mean it is easy to make frenz but difficult to maintain the frenship...:)

    Hey Shilpa :)

    Ya it is and u know I am meeting the fren today and cannot hols my excitement!!!
    And yes our situations are quite similar :D

    Hey Ramesh :)

    Of course we are and we keep saying that next time we will meet but never do...so this time when u r here we are meeting pukka pukka!!!

    And VT has a charm of its own :D

    Hey Tandoori :)

    Welcome to my space :)

    Hmmm distances are bad, we frenz keep talking about meeting but when we are located at places like Surat, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune etc u can imagine how difficult it is to plan something :(

  15. yeah, its indeed great to catch up with old friends.
    And its a great feeling.
    You are so right in saying that the years in between dont matter once you meet.
    Happens all the time with good friends.
    I just called a very close friend of mine yesterday since he missed my birthday first time in years and the way he picked up my fone was "haan haan yaar pata nahin kaise bhul gaya tera budday, 14th tak yaad tha, kal miss kar gaya".
    No one can replace a good friend in your life - not even a relative. Sometimes friends are more closer than your blood relatives.

    Cheers to Friendship!

  16. I'm so glad u found ur friend A....cheers to friendship:-))!!!

  17. Smita I keep getting a message[when I open ur page] saying tht 'we[my anti-virus] tested this page & blocked content thatcomes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites'.

    Please chk if u can do something abt it.


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