11 February, 2013

For which I Will be Murdered One day!!

Was going through the photos on my computer when I saw this....

These were taken in August last year, I remember I had just come back from office and this idea hit me. Surpringly the brat was game for it (for sometime). He cooperated with me and I managed to drape my dupatta quite nicely on him. If you look properly you can even see the pleats :D
And then I got over enthusiastic and decided to put a bindi on his forehead and realised that had crossed my limits :D :D :D See the frown on his face and those downward going lips (we love this posture of his)

Needless to say the dupatta was thrown away after this.

Later I showed the photos to my hubby and though he laughed at them he had asked me to keep these photgraps hidden as it might be embarassing for the brat but when I revisited these pictures I was like what the heck!!! :D

Three cheers to Coy Boy & the devil Mom!!! ;-)


  1. Hehehehe....
    No, you arent a devil mom.. Every guy should have such memories :P
    I have my lil' brother's pic in a frock..
    Good to blackmail :P
    Hez looking cute :)

  2. There is a slight chance of attempt to murder at least :D :D :D :D :D


  3. oh my God! he looks adorably cute...big big tight hugs to him :)

  4. lolz you and me have the same devilish streaks ;) He looks so cute and this is the age where they don't suspect our intentions and think everything is a game :) :) I have loads of such experimental pics of the older boy and now can't wait to do the same with the twins.

    Ps: I find it so hard to take a pic of the twins naked as the big bro keeps a Hawk's eye over me when I am with the camera and keeps telling me that it is illegal to take pics of private parts....sobs!!

  5. Huahaha!! Love the last one the most! :D He's really cute! ^_^

  6. haha such a cutie. I must say you are inspiring me to also take some similar embarassing photos of my son and post :)

  7. This is a really nasty mom post !!! geez...

  8. someday, someday you will pay for this :) but it IS damn cute...

  9. Yeah, He's certainly going be, not-so-happy, later :) You could post it on FB again when he is a teenager- just for fun :)

    Such a cute pic!

  10. Ha ha ha....I think most boys have such a pic hidden away at their home.... thanks to their indulgent mommies! :D

  11. I kepp dropping in here often! But this one was too cute to delurk without commnting :-D

  12. Hehe :D He looks so cute in that saree :D

  13. Cutie pie....My brother has similar photos, where he is wearing my chaniya choli and a complete makeup, he insisted that he will wear what i was wearing!!!

  14. hahaha he's such a sweetheart :P when he grows up it would be fun to tease him with these photographs :D

  15. LOL :D That's so sweet!! He will love this pic later!! :D

  16. Take my word... you are definitely going to get murdered for this :P cute... so cute...

  17. Hey Deepika :)

    lol!!! SO you use it? the photo i.e?

    And haan welcome to my space :)

    Hey Visha :)

    hehehehe....see I am a Himmatwali :D

    Hey RM :)

    That he does :D Hugged him :)

    Hey Yakshi :)

    Ohoo!!! Do all that when he is at school no? Bhurk out a way my dear...I know u r a woman of many means ;-)

    Hey Ashna :)

    Thank you :)

    Hey Nishi :)

    And then we will be murdered 2gether :D

    Hey Dhiren :)

    Who you?

    Hey Avada :)

    Thanks :)

    Hey Nef :)

    As have said Am a Himmatwali ;-)

    Hey Smitha :)

    ha ha ha ha then to I will surely be murdered!!!!

    Thanks ;)

    Hey Ashwathy :)

    Glad u used the word "indulgent" only you believe my intentions were not evil ;)

    Hey Meena :)

    Welcome to my space :)

    And why only lurking u shud come here more often ;)


    Hey LISL :)

    Thanks :)

    Hey T2M :)
    lol!! Then I will say he had asked for it!!! Share those on ur blog na?? ;-)

    Hey Karthick :)

    Thanks :)

    Hey Rajlakshmi :)

    I know that is why Hubby was not in favor of me sharing with all!!!!

    Hey Shilpa :)

    lol!!! I hope so ;)

    Hey Jas :)

    Now the deed is done, will pay for it later ;)


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