22 February, 2013

From the Keyboard of An Embarrassed Mother

Having a child is one of the aswesomest experiences in life and you realise that only after you have had baby. When I say that I am excluding the part of giving birth (thankfully I had an easy delivery but there are many mothers who didn’t) & the initial 2-3 months after the delivery. The phase I am really talking about is when the baby sleeps less and starts doing antics which draw Oohs’ & Aah’s from the family members. As time passes you start anticipating & waiting for them to crawl, walk, talk etc. though it is an altogether different matter that as they start doing these things you crave for the time when they were not able to do the very same things. I know it is human nature to be never satisfied with what they have. First we make a check list and want a quick tick mark on each item and then when that’s done we start questioning the check list itself.

We look at our baby with expectations of them achieving something which we wanted to but couldn’t manage. Then there are grandparents & relatives who have the easiest job. All they have to do is to compare the baby with the Mother & Father. Whom he / she looks like, whom does she take on etc. On this I have a theory.

If it is a relative from the mother’s side, 80% of the time the baby would look like the mother & anything good that he/she does would be credited to the her. God forbidden he does something bad we all know whom to blame. And if the relative is from Father’s side the opposite stands true.

But as parents we always want our kids to pick up the good things from either of us. God forbid if he takes on things that you would never want him to pick  up from you, then my dear you are in trouble and that forms the crux of this posts. I might cry murder if husband compares Arnav’s naughtiness with me but…..*devilish grin*

So let me think what all he takes from me

He is turning out to be a chatter box. There are times when we are driving out somewhere and I would be talking about something to my Hubby. The brat doesn’t want to be left behind and would start putting in his words. Unfortunately for my hubby neither the brat nor I want to back out. So he has to listen to both of us. What? You expect me to behave like a mature person and shut my mouth? Huh!!! Brat should understand that everyone should get a chance to speak.


I take care of my things but there is something genetically wrong with me. When I have to take out a piece of cloth or any other item for that matter I cannot take it out nicely. I grab it & pull it out as if it will not come out easily. So when I pull out one piece of item 2 more pieces will fall which will later be kept (chances are there that would lie where they fall) in place in a hurry. Unfortunately brat is following me on this. You should see how he hunts for his toy, the one which is buried under many other toys? Every intruding item is pulled out & thrown away until he gets what he wants. Yes we are working on changing his habit but some things are genetic you see.


He is a walking & talking Nautanki theatre. Be it crying falsely (he even gives a repeat performance when we ask him Arnav Nautanki ke liye kaise rota hai), doing strange antics or throwing false tantrums he is an expert. Comparisons with me? Well I don’t want to embarrass myself but if you have been reading my blog for a long time then you know what a nautanki I am.


When I was young I would tell my Mom ki I am feeling hungry, when she would ask what do I want to eat I would say, “abhi choti bhook lagi hai/ XYZ cheez ki bhook lagi hai” (this is the small hunger/ hunger for xyz item). The brat a couple of weeks back came to me rubbing his tummy and said, “mereko bahut tez bhook lagi hai, papad ki” (I am very hungry for papad) *Face Palm*


Arnav doesn't look where is walking, seriously!!! He just walks towards where he wants to never bothering to look down. Now take the instance of that day, I was walking with him and was telling him "look below and walk" and you know what happened? I tripped & twisted my foot. :D So guessed whom he takes on here? As hubby says my legs are defective that is why I keep tripping & falling all over the place!!! I let him believe that!! Why to tell I am always in a hurry!


My MIL one day told me that he was eating mud & licking the wall. I very sheepishly admitted that in my childhood besides those two things I had also eaten soap. *Will earth open up & swallow me?*


One fine day I saw the brat dipping his Papad in water & eating it. To top it all one day he poured half a glass of water in his already cooked Maggie and said, I am eating it with water. And before you ask, yes I used to eat papad in exactly same manner. *stop laughing, will you?*


I have no patience, zilch! Nada! And neither does he have any. Though my patience level has improved after having him but going by that he has a long time to acquire it. 


We both have a high pitch of voice which is bad when you are shouting. Which we do quite often. Matter finished chapter closed


I have very sharp ears, you can be muttering something in the other room but if I am interested in listening to what you are saying, I will hear it. Dreadful trait to be found in a kid, right? Especially when as parents we are trying to hide something from him. So now we speak in a way when we utter each alphabet separately if we have to hide something from him. For e.g I would say “I have order C – A – R for him” so that he doesn’t understand. Sigh!! What all we have to do as parents!


We both love S-A-L-M-A-N K-H-A-N, not a bad trait if you ask me. But then it is my husband you should be asking because it is he who has to bear with two faces who watch the Thrilling train sequence of Ek Tha Tiger with open mouths & apt concentration, every time that movie is played.


We both love item songs! Again a sore point with hubby and sometimes for me specially on days when he sees Kareena Kapoor in Fevicol se and says, “yeh Mumma Hai”. *Face Palm*

The list is never ending! Not that he doesn’t take on things from Hubby but why the cringe worthy ones from me? Why Oh! God Why?

Pssst!!! Not that I am not happy that he takes on me. I kept him in my tummy for 9 months & he looks like my Hubby (which I will never accept publically) so at least in habits he should take on me, but why the bad ones? Is there no justice in this world?

Doing what we are best at, Nautanki!!


  1. hahahahaha! you are the cutest mother in the neighbourhood...I love YOU Smita..saachimein :):)

    LOL on the similarities...I am laughing so hard here :)

  2. Hilarious post, Smita! :D Like mother-like son!!
    What full time entertainment you both are providing to your hubby! Wow!! I cant get over his “yeh Mumma Hai”. :D
    Even we used to spell the words in front of Aaryan and once we were talking like that and he said, I know you are talking about! (when he was big enough to understand the spellings!) :D

  3. Hey RM :)

    Am I??? hehehe....devil Mom is more apt :D

    And What laughing!! U must be sympathising with me...:P

    Hey Shilpa :)

    ;-) Entertainment or headache? Best answered by Hubby :D

    lol @ Aryan....kids are very smart....my brat? he understands whispers...if we don't want him to hear anything...we use code words or talk later!!! Sigh!

  4. OMG! The two of you are so cute! And so hilarious!! And this I totally get - 'I kept him in my tummy for 9 months & he looks like my Hubby (which I will never accept publically) so at least in habits he should take on me' - It's the same here :)

    What fun the two of you are!

  5. You are awesome mother-son duo! Papad ki bhook lagi hain was very cute!

  6. Must say that i have tumbled on ur blog by chance and from that moment have been meaning to say you that i totally relate to you...same with my brat...we also(me and my son) BIG fan of SALMAN Khan..:)

    Luv ur writing..

    God Bless

  7. Wonderful. Yes, your kid is a ditto copy of your hubby. As long as he Loves Salman and his mom, don't worry about Kareena. After all your hubby needs something too :)

  8. You reap what you sow ! Period !

    and let me end it with a Buhahahahhahaha !!!!

  9. haha, that was a good one.
    I tell you - we all can write books on our kids and their Antics :)
    Its too good to be a parent.
    Loving it.

  10. LOL!!!

    Oh my!! :D :D
    Papad with water?!!! :P :P

    you are so cute!

  11. And you have the guts to admit in public that your son is like you. I never do that especially not in front of the hubby :P

  12. Hey Smitha :)

    hehehehe...jokers we are haan? :D And yes ironies of life na? When we do all the effort & take all the pain and the baby looks like husband. Ghor injustice I say!

    Hey Reberl Girl :)

    lol!!! Thanks :)

    Hey Kavita :)

    Welcome to my space :)

    It is great to know that you can relate to my posts :)

    Big Salman Khan fans? wow!!! He is too good no? :D

    Thanks :)

    Hey Ava :)

    lol!!! You have a point :P

    Hey Vimmuuu :)

    All I will say is Just wait n watch bugger 'coz the same will applies to you too :D

    and let me end it with a Buhahahahhahaha !!!!

    Hey Rohit :)

    Good to see u here :)

    What u r saying is so true!!! Parenthood is a priceless!!!

    Hey Pixie :)

    lol!!! Thanks :)

    Hey Bhagyashree :)

    lol!!!! So I am now a Himmatwali ;-)

  13. Ha ha ha hilarious post... you seriously dance to item numbers?? Lolz Smita.. you're a fun mum.

  14. Heheheh :D We never had any doubt that kid was yours, Smita. And now there is proof beyond measure!!

  15. My favourite - “mereko bahut tez bhook lagi hai, papad ki”

    Can't stop laughing! :D

  16. Awww @ yeah mama hai bit & the SK addiction;-D

  17. LOL This was hilarious :)
    You mom son duo are quite a pair :)

  18. Wow! what a perfect treat post :)

    OK I know my daughter is a year younger to Arnav but still she actually does most of the items on your list, so I think it is more of the childhood mischief factor than taking up on you or your hubby or is it that you & I share quite in common that I haven't yet realised??

    Though I can't resist adding that after Pari's fascination with Bebo, I can only pray that she never calls me Kareena. That was the ROFL point!!

  19. LOL....You know what, i am sailing in the same boat...
    Nautanki - Checked
    Our Need for spelling words - Checked
    Chatter box - Checked
    no patience - Checked
    Love for Salman Uncle - Checked...
    Hugs, Smita...
    Psst...I have an exact same dress that you are wearing in the nautanki wala photo!!!!

  20. Heehee! Awesome! :D Genes transfer so much information!

  21. Hey Deepakji :)

    Thanks :)

    Hey OM :)

    Ya I do :D Thanks!

    Hey Ashwathy :)

    Thank God for small mercies?? ;)

    Hey Pepper :)

    hehehe thanks :)

    Hey Nancy :)

    Thanks :)

    Hey LISL :)

    LOL!! Thanks :D

    Hey ME :)

    At least in my case he is taking on me...i mean he could be the silent brooding types, would have no interest in item songs, could be very patient & particular about his things...but he isn't so it is mainly the trais that we are seeing ;-)

    May be are sisters separate by birth & mother ;-)

    Thanks :)

    Hey T2M :)

    Aha!!! So we lead similar lifes in different cities ;)

    And sure every day in your household is as entertaining as mine with no dull moment ever :D

    Hey Niveditha :)

    Yes they do and we are the proof :D


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