26 February, 2013

Kai Po Che - No this isn't really a review!!!

Kai Po Che!!!

When the trailer of this movie was released I had a good feeling about it. Despite having no big star it had a pull which was just beyond words. There was something special about the Manjha song and then there was this fact that the movie was shot in Ahmedabad. If you don’t know, I had started career in Ahmedabad and have stayed independently in that city for good 5 years and have special memories about it. It holds a special place in my heart. And how can I forget that it is based on “Three Mistakes of My Life”, a book which I had not liked much.

I was pretty sure that I won’t be getting to watch it in theatre but then last Tues or Thursday I just told my hubby that I wanted to watch this movie because of the Ahmedabad connection and he immediately agreed for it. Thus tickets were booked for Sunday and we were set. As expected it was also getting rave reviews and I must say that for a change the reviews were bang on.

The movie is just too good. All lead actors get into the skin of their characters and making them believable. The director has paid attention to details; the characters are like you & me. No fancy clothes, no fancy houses, Gujarati words thrown in here & there, this movie is as much about you & me as it is about the characters. Of how we dream to live a better life and how circumstances always try to bring us down.

The last half hour of the movie, when it is running towards a conclusion just leaves you spell bounded. From the point parents of one of the friend’s starts for the fateful Sabarmati ride you know where it is heading and you can do nothing but wait to see how it develops. The penultimate moment of the movie just hit you where it should. It shocks you and in my case it left me speechless. I had read in one of the reviews that you will not be moved by the ending only if you have a stone in place of the heart and I strongly agree with the review.

Even after coming out the movie, the scenes were playing in my head. I could not get over it; even now I remember each & every frame of the movie. Very rarely does Bollywood come out with a movie which entertains you, leaves you thinking & affects you. Kai Po Che fortunately is one of those rare movies where it is much better than the book. Go watch it.

Another very important aspect of this movies is its cinematography. Such lovely picturisation I tell you. Indian highway has never looked so beautiful before and makes you wonder that why do Indian filmmakers need to go out of India for picturesque locations when there is no dearth in India.

Our movie watching experience would remain incomplete if I don’t talk about Arnav, right? Well he was bored and the only time that his mouth was shut when he had something in his mouth otherwise it was all about, “hum kahan hain, yeh kaun si picture hai?” etc. He demolished cheeku, grapes & popcorn. Went for potty after that and then had to be entertained with a Chota Bheem game on my mobile.

The only worry I had when I entered the theatre was that he would demand to see Salman uncle. What to do, after having him we only go to theatre when a Salman Khan movies releases so the ones that we have seen with him are Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger & Dabangg 2. ;-) Thankfully no major tantrums were thrown.

Have you seen the movie? What’s your take on it?

Also, has anyone of you ever been to Harihareshwar? We are planning to go there for this weekend so any pointers will be helpful.

Leaving you with a this image which I had clicked from a hill top. I have always loved to clicked Sunsets & Sunrises, so didn't miss this opportunity.


  1. Loved the movie... Way better than the book...

  2. I am going to watch this movie soon.. been really ages since i dragged my lazy limbs to a theatre :-)

  3. I am glad I saw the movie. I was not planning to, since I have made up my mind not to go for any sob-sob movies. I mean why do I have to pay money to them to make me cry. But what a surprise. This movie actually is quite good.
    Btw we also swathe movie on Sunday 3 pm show at the new Inox in your area :)

  4. I think this is the first time everyone is telling me that a movie is way better than a book. I guess, Chetan Bhagat can make the impossible possible. :P

  5. Hopefully will see it when we are back from Shimla. LOL @ Arnav's "Hum kahan hai... He is so cute!

  6. harihareshwar IS beautiful!!! I went wayyyy back in college.. also see if you can make it to Diveagarh.. pristine beach. And oh yes when we had gone food for vegetarians was a problem. So I suggest you carry basic stuff...
    Have a good time :)

  7. Well, For movie was little faster.

    ( I have read book and whole events have been fast forwarded)

    Another I felt director has done many small mistakes for consequences.

    but coming to positives good work by most of the people acting in there. Good grip.

    Ultimately, for bollywood this is Good Movie. Must Watch but One time watch.

  8. even special 26 was nice with attention to little details...

  9. I was surprised by the review thinking it was a bad book, how good can the movie be!

    As you said the movie is better than the book! Maybe I will go watch it :)

  10. the whole movie while I watched I kept thinknig of how much I wanted to tell you to watch it and here you are ! :D :D :D :D

    That was a wondefully made movie... laughed, chuckled and cried... I could connect so so so very much with the movie.. :D

  11. I am definitely going to see it, because this si the first time I have seen you praise a Non Salman movie :):)

  12. Will try to catch the film altho our film viewing is severly restricted since we do not take the kids along :-(. Arnav's eat-eat-eat-potty thing ... Hilarious.

  13. I had actually decided not to watch da movie, because i had not liked the book.
    But i must say, its way better dan the book :) all the actors are so real.. and the cinematography is just awesome!!!

  14. I too didn't like the book, so was not very keen on the movie...But now that you have praised it so much probably i'll think about watching it...
    LOL at "“hum kahan hain, yeh kaun si picture hai?"
    Enjoy your weekend vacation :)

  15. Hey Bhags :)

    Good to see u here after such a long time!!! So move your lazy bum and do watch the movie!!

    Hey WIAN :)

    What a surprise haan? :D

    As had told you we also saw at Inox only but 11:30 show for 80 bucks only :D and managed spending more on popcorn & corn ;)

    Hey Amit :)

    ha ha ha ha Chetan Bhagat is capable of many things but poor fellow gets entangled in controversies needlessly ;)

    Hey Shilpa :)

    Do watch it haan? :)

    Hey Sugar :)

    Ah!! Thanks for this info re....I think we are planning to Divegarh!! Thanks :)

    Hey Makk :)

    One time watch for sure. See there wud be small flaws but if u see overall the movies is really good! Specially if we compare it with the crap that is being dished out every Friday!

    Hey ESIS :)

    1st Shanti & then you? You guys need a movie review to show your face here, haan?

    Have heard good things about Special 26, will try to catch it on TV

    Hey Niveditha :)

    Do watch it and batana how did u find it.

    Hey Dhiren :)

    Is it? :D :D :D

    Hai na? There was something about the movie that remains with you even later!

    Hey RM :)

    LOL!!! What logic!! Arrey it is nothing like that I don't like movies which do not have SK but its just that I don't talk about them ;)

    Hey OM :)

    oh!!!! but do try catching it, its worth it!

    Hey Chaitu :)

    Exactly my point, it is very believable na?

  16. I shall go book the tickets for this weekend! I was reluctant because this movie was based on 3 mistakes which like you said is a forgettable book!

  17. Hey Rebel girl :)

    See it borrows the good things from the book and chucks the bad ones! And the result is a very good movie!!

  18. Going to see the movie tomorrow. Want to see if all the hype around it is true.

  19. After your review, I want to watch this movie too.
    I have been to Harihareshwar...
    Mail me at lifeissongoflove@gmail.com if you have any specific queries.

  20. Hope to see the movie. Thanks for the heads up!
    Have been to Harihareshwar about 15years back. Have fond memories of the excellent seafood and the MTDC restaurant on the beach! Had stayed in MTDC tented accomodation.

    That twilight picture is beautiful!!

  21. not so much of a movie guy..thas me hehe:)

  22. I have put all the necessary maska on the husband, lets see if the movie watching happens actually ;)

  23. I liked the movie but nothing exceptional


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