23 March, 2013

A Sinful Saturday!!!

So, we had those yesterday. A friend cum colleague cleared some exam with flying colours and threw a party for us. Don’t bother asking me what exam because I won’t remember but feel free to ask me how these drinks were and you will know where my priorities are. You said dieting? You are not my friend then. But still let me tell you I am on a break right now so I have been committing sin (and feeling guilty) a little regularly but nothing to this scale in such a long time. For your information I had that strawberry one and it was Yummy!

Let us not even get into what ate because if I will surely die of guilt by then. So let us change the topic. Yesterday I finished reading The Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer and I must say he is called a master story teller and deservedly so. What a page turner he has dished out. You, know I was under the impression that “Clifton Series” is a three book deal and when this book ended on a mysterious note I was like, shit he has left us hanging. Thanks to Visha now I know that there are two more books in the series. But I am sad that I will have to wait for a year to know what happens next. Not fair! At all. Now I have started reading “I Kissed A Frog” by Rupa Gulab. It is a collection of short stories and I have read just one story till now and what a delightful piece that was. I can’t wait to finish this book.

In other news I was ordering footwear for Arnav and while checking out I realised that I will have to pay 59 Rupees as shipping charges. I was in no mood to do so. Can you guess what I did? I went ahead and bought a bag (which was lying in my wish list for last one month) for 899/- rupees and saved paying for shipping. *Face Palm*.

Time to change the topic!!! *grins*

Day before yesterday I told my hubby that this time we will play holi. He was quite surprised because I dislike the festival and have not played holi since our marriage. On his prodding I told him that for Arnav’s sake we should play holi because knowing him will enjoy the water and colors. The last I heard from my hubby (which was just an hour back) was “since you have decided to play holi we will make you play it properly” followed by an evil laugh.

I am S.H.I.T scared!!! I don’t like holi. Nahin!!!

And that reminds me today & tomorrow are gonna be busy because we i.e. I & MIL will be making
  • Gujhia’s
  • Chude ki namkin
  • Namkeen mathri’s &
  • Besan ke Ladoo
All those who want to sample the stuff are most welcome to come home :)

BTW we are a happening family. Somebody in my family got married and we read about it on Facebook and that too after a year. I now have a chip on my shoulder. I can go and tell that new trainee that he might use f9 for fine and it might go over my head but I have a far more happening family. I tell you, this new generation is just beyond me. Totally!

Before I digress more & confuse you with multiple topics, have a great weekend folks!!

P.S. Do drop in at my Food Blog, I have put up the recipe of “Amla Murabba”.

P.P.S Dear anonymous spammers, will you please take a break and stop spamming with such a vengeance? Please?


  1. Those shakes do look sinful!! I bought The Best Kept Secret from Flipkart yesterday! Will pick it up first after I finish reading my current book. LOL@ your shopping style! :D
    Aah! I hate Holi too but we play it like crazies! :| Arnav will enjoy Holi thoroughly!
    My admiration level for you has increased a lot more, Smita... God! You make gujhias and ladoos and namkeens at home! Amazing!!
    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. Hey Shilpa :)

    I am sure you will enjoy it!!
    Last I played holi like crazy was in my last year of graduation...let me see what wednesday hold for me ;-)
    Arrey my MIL will be helping me and do i do these things because of her only. I feel I can learn from her plus I also feel I shud pass on some of these things & memories to Arnav.

    U too :)

  3. Wow! Break to banta hai after such disciplined weight loss regimen.
    I have been totally focused on my reading so far. And hope it goes on till the whole year. I am reading some amazing books, many from my own shelf, and I have been buying so few books of late, due to review books and my own collection. Although I did buy 6 books 2 weeks back from Landmark on 3-for-2 sale but I checked the online prices on my hubby's phine then and the, so eventually they were at good prices. (I am so smart!)
    I am a big one on online shopping too but of late hsven't doing much. But I really want to buy a jumpsuit after finding it eveywhere. They look so cool and good for summer :-) I can totally imagine myself doing what you did for saving shipping charges.
    I just had that Holi conversation with my hubby. We don't play holi. But for the little one, we will start from next year with organic colors. Right now he is too small and can put colors in mouth / eyes.
    Why don't you share recipes for these things pre-holi, so that the lesser ortals like me can also attempt making them at home. I say, try to post some tomorrow. But do it before Holi, otherwise it wil be too late.

  4. What horrible spelling mistakes because if tis stupid tablet. Pardon my errors. Too many to edit now :-)

  5. Those look sinful! I am mooning over the one with the chocolate! I just had two cupcakes with 200 calories each! Don't ask. I may have to skip lunch.

    Happy Holi! Hope they throw gallons of coloured water over you! Ha ha..now don't hit me :)

  6. Oh wow!! Sinful is right!!
    I've been indulging too - with cheese and deep fried goodies! :D
    And Happy Holi!

  7. Ah ! :D that was some weekedn ! :D btw I think I have to make it a point to visit you this time in Mumbai and try that Amla Murabba ! :D

  8. Oooh those shakes looks awesome!! Totally drool-worthy! :D I m sure you must have downed it one go. Or no, enjoyed every sip slowly, rather!

    I completely agree with you. The Clifton series is thoroughly engaging. Like you, I also thought it was going to end with three books. Two more to go eh? I guess Archer is going to elaborate about Sebastian Clifton's life as well. I love the way it is so beautifully written and suspence filled and engaging. Each book turns out to be better than the one before it.

    You are the first North-Indian I hear who has admitted she doesn't like Holi! ( since Holi is unfamiliar in South India hence South Indians are not too inclined towards it)
    Gujiya!! Yum!! Give me your address please! :D Heheh

  9. Those shakes look so tempting!
    I made gujhiya too yesterday... can't imagine holi without gujhiyas.
    Kids teach you to celebrate all festivals, isn't it? :) I have been playing Holi for Cheebu's sake for past few years. Wishing you and your family a very happy Holi :)

  10. I have done so many times what you did with shopping..To save courier charges...buying anything that crosses the free shipping limit :-)

    BTW are you sharing gujiya's receipe ?

  11. I love reading your posts so much, for there is never a dull moment :D Its like a 1000-wala, always :D

  12. The shakes indeed look sinful!

    Clifton Series is a 5 book series right? Hope you have fun during Holi. Wish you a colourful holi :)

  13. You guys are making so many things!!! Please carry them when you come here ;)
    Can i have that chocolate wala drink?!?!

  14. Aiyo even I am so scared of Holi...and hubby jzz loves it...hwever won't play this year as Mishti has just recovered from viral.

    I am facing the same prob with spam comments....somedays there are almost 3-4 comments per post :(

  15. Belated holi wishes??? So how was it;-D????

  16. And anonymous spammers are the pits....they are now landing up in my regular comments;-/


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