01 March, 2013

Presenting Before you Chulbul Pandey Mini Version!!!

I will not mince words and will straight away get to the point. Yesterday was a hit!! And thanks for your Good Luck Wishes my readers because they worked!

We reached the venue on time. There was loads of stuff for kids, tattoo, caricature, braiding & that jump-jump wala game. My brat ate popcorn, stood at the side line of the jumping thing, drank a lot of sprite & danced away to glory. And ya had a Chota Bheem & spider man ka tattoo made on his hands.

Slowly we were nearing towards “The Moment” of our lives, because with the Fancy dress/ Fashion show we were inching towards a new milestone wherein the brat would be facing the crowds for the first time. Despite having everything (i.e. costume) in control we were expecting some hiccups because well our life cannot be eventless can it be?

When the event was announced, making him Chulbul Pandey was a no brainer because we knew we had to put him in the uniform and play Pandeyji Seeti and he would be in full form. A day before the event I had made him wear the cap and played the song and we were set. So when the organiser told us that they would be playing “Hudd-Hudd Dabangg” we pleaded to him to change the song but he said it would be a little difficult. We were deflated with the news but then told Arnav that this song would play and he would have to do “Dhishkiyaoon” with the gun.

We started getting ready on time and I will let the pictures do the talking now.

All Set
The Proud Daddy Looks On!

Hum Tum Me Itne Ched Kar Denge!!

Kamal Karte ho!
 As soon as he stepped out people started gushing at him, the thing was that we had paid attention to finer details like name tag, glares at the back, moustache, even the uniform that we had rented had everything from Medals to holster, belt etc. and the main thing was that as soon he got into the uniform he got into the character, doing “dhishkiyaoon” to everybody. There were many people who wanted to get pictures clicked with him. He was having a field day I tell you.

Fooling Around

We then moved towards the stage and the wait began. Everything was running late and they moved the kids fashion show from No 2 to No 4 position. Every parent there was getting frustrated because controlling kids in a confined space was as is tough and to expect them to keep their dresses intact was a tougher job. Then there was this daunting thing that the brat had to walk the ramp all alone. From the side line we showed him the stage, prepping him that he had to walk from here to there, look into the crowd & do dhiskiyaoon towards his Daadi Daadoo and when he comes back he will find his Mumma waiting for him. Here I must add that a little later I found him repeating every word as if trying to memories it.

With the Very Proud Mumma
To be very honest I was not expecting much from him because he is just 2.5 year old and expecting him to do all that we had taught was a little too much and especially this being his first time on stage. Fortunately I had this brainwave of befriending the guy who was handling the kids on stage with Arnav because it helped later.

Arnav’s turn was 2nd and when they played the song he walked in. Took few steps and turned back to look for me, I made some encouraging noise and pointed towards the main stage and then the handler walked towards Arnav and moved him on the ramp. As soon as he walked, I was like this is done our efforts have paid. It was at that moment when my brat thought a little and did “dhishkiyaoon” towards the crowd which needless to say went crazy. I could see my proud Mother in Law walking towards him.
Walks In

Looks Back for Assurance!

 Trust me the moment he did Dhishkiyaoon I was the proudest mother on this earth. He had managed to do whatever we had told him and without showing any kind of stage fear. He had honestly surpassed our expectations. What happened later is blur in memory but yes we had loads and loads of fun. Arnav got 2 goodie bags, we had a nice dinner and enjoyed a lot. All in all it was a well organised event where we had enough fun.


  1. I am in love..period fullstop !!!!

    That photo of you and him is superb :)

  2. omg, he looks so so cute :) :)

    I want to take him in my arms NOW :D :D

  3. Chulbul Pandey was awesome and one thing I observed about him was he has a lot of energy unlike other kids. Loved that guy!!!!

  4. He is looking damm cute :-) Mom and baby pic is best one :-)

  5. OMG!!! He looks soooo adorable!!

    Reading your post, I went back in time...remembering fond memories of when my grandfather dropped me off at a fancy dress competition at school and waited to see me on stage. I was playing this drunkard...so I had a bottle in my hand... and was walking around pretending to be tipsy. Apparently I don't remember what dialogue I said... but I remember the delight and pride in my grandfather's face while watching me perform without stage fright.

    Now I understand what he must have felt :-)

  6. tooo gooood :) really no other words :)

    You must be the proudest happiest mother.. wishes for more and more such future moments :)

  7. Arnav is such a star! So young, and so confident! And you must be all proud:)

  8. Loved this li'l Chulbul Pandey on red carpet ;)!!!!
    1st things i noticed were also the name tag and the glares of pandeyji :)
    For 2.5 year old to go on a stage alone is a big thing!!!

  9. Pandeyji and his amma ... tussi chha gaye ji. :)

  10. he has to be the cutest Chulbul Pandey ever :)

  11. Awww he really stole the show. U have one smart, cute, confident, young man there :)

  12. aww.. so this is the back story to those adorable pics on FB !! :-) Welldone mommy and sabhash Arnav :0

  13. aww.. so this is the back story to those adorable pics on FB !! :-) Welldone mommy and sabhash Arnav :0

  14. Where did my comment? :O I typed such a long one!
    Or is it just that you haven't enabled the comment yet?

  15. Awww! super super cute :) a confidant chulbul pandey

  16. OH MY GOD!! He is Super Cute!! What a proud moment it must be for you!! Super Like! :)

  17. he looks so cute :D :D liked his style of hanging coolers on color :D

  18. He looks so cute....:) God bless him :)

    I love the pictures!

  19. Hi RM :)

    LOL!!! U love sick woman!!!

    Thanks :)

    Hi Visha :)

    lol!!! I will do the honors for you ;)

    Hi Varsha :)

    1st thing 1st, it was great meeting you!!! And Anaya is such a sweet adorable girl!!! There is something so delicate about her that u feel the need to protect her!!!
    As far as my guys energy is concerned, ha!! Ask us sometime how difficult it is to control him!! Seriously! We get tired but he never does!!!

    Hi Rashmi :)

    Thanks dear :)

    Hi Ashwathy :)

    SOmehow this comment of yours got pushed in spam, thankfully u commented asking for it and I saved it :)

    And yes, don't these things come back to us when we see somebody else going thru similar emotions? And we seriously don't realise how these things matter to our seniors!!!

    Thanks for sharing this incident with us :)

    Hi Sugar :)

    Yes I was :) and so was my Hubby & his parents! We all were on CLoud 9!!!

    Hi Smitha :)

    He is :) Thanks a tonne!!!

    Hi T2M :)

    Yes that is exactly what I feel too. Sepcially this being his first time!!

    Those finer details come from the fact that I am a Salman Khan fan :D

    Hi Bhagyashree :)

    Thanks :)

    Hi Makk :)

    lol!!! Kamaal kar diya humne? ;)

    Hi Priya :)


    Hi Avada :)

    Oh yes I toally agree on that :) Thanks!!

    Hi Swaram :)

    Thank you my dear :)

    Hi Bhags :)

    Yes :) Thank you!

    Hi Jas :)

    Thank you :)

    Hi Shilpa :)

    Thank you dear :)

    Hi Ratty :)

    Welcome to my space :)

    Well that is Salman Khan's Dabangg style ;) we just copied it :)

  20. OMG! Arnav is looking so so so cute :) He is the cutest ever police officer :) :)

  21. Oh ! My ! He looks the cutest !!!! and didnt all fantasies come true lifting him and hugging him ! :D :D

    Too too cute a post !

  22. Awww.. he looks so cute and adorable :)
    Loved that pic of you and him :)

  23. hey
    found the blog by chance. nice to know what goes inside your world and Mr cute, lil brat.



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