25 March, 2013

The Great Handbag Saga!!!!

This Saturday when I had updated my blog and written about the things that I & MIL were planning to make for Holi Reema suggested that I should put up the recipes on my Food Blog. I thought over it and decided that I can give it a try. Though I must admit that it was a little tiring because there we did loads on Saturday & Sunday but I managed. So check out my food blog for the recipe of Besan ke Ladoo & Gujhiya Part I & II. We also made Chooda & Namkeen mathri but will post the recipes some other day. Now to I am totally dead tired, did not even sleep properly because of the extra strong coffee that I had yesterday evening. Life is not easy I tell you.

Now I have a story to share with you….so let us begin from the beginning.

Once upon a time there lived dainty little girl who was very fond of hand bags but because of the self-discipline that she was trying to project on herself, she had not bought a bag in ages. She already had enough of them. Then slowly the numbers started dwindling (at least she thought so) and expressed this to her husband who said with a snort , “why do you need a bag? You already have this lovely one & that Hidesign one? That should last forever”

The girl gave a martyred look and said, “A girl needs more than one bag and that Hidesign bag is three year old and the seams are opening.”

As soon as the hubby said, I will get it repaired the girl just walked away.

In December when she was out with her BFF at Colaba Causeway, the BFF suggested her to pick up a bag but the girl decided to control herself. But later when she was back home and thought about those shiny lovely handbags that she had left behind, she regretted.

January was a busy month and there were enough premiums to pay to keep the desire at bay. Then came the month of the February when the last of the premiums were paid and there was a little breathing space and thus the devil desire raised its head. The girl started looking at the various websites but was scared to order from there. She was worried about the size, colour, quality etc and thus would go to the sites, browse through, put the bags in wish list and move ahead. She also called her BFF instructing her to pick a bag for her from the Causeway. BFF works near Causeway you see.

The project internet shopping also continued. The fact that her neighbours at work were also looking to buy a handbag didn’t help. The three of them would go ga-ga over different bags and then would go back to their work.

When 10 days back the other two girls received a packet our dainty girl was surprised. These two had ordered a bag behind her back and one of the bags was really good. Then and there she decided that she was ready to take the plunge. As if everyone was conspiring to make her buy a bag, Jabong threw in a Buy One Get One Free offer on bags, an offer which was too hard to resist.

Ordered! Delivered! Retruned!

Finally she, along with her colleague M ordered a lovely brown bag. To her utter surprise the site delivered in less than 24 hours. She was impressed. The packet was opened in a jiffy and all the girls on the floor were floored with the bags. When the euphoria died our girl realised that the chains on the bag’s handle were rusted. She wanted to keep it because it was a good bargain but was in two thoughts because the rust made the bag look old. After sleeping over it she decided to return the bag and set the process rolling.

Unfortunately the buy one get one free offer came with a rider that if you return one bag you had to return the other one too. M’s bag was lovely and her heart was set on it but she sportingly agreed to return it.

Our girl was saddened by the fact that because of her M was forced to return the bag so she decided to get on the site and started looking for another bag so that M could have her bag. Luckily something was found and ordered. BUT there was payment gateway error and the order was not completed. When her mobile pinged that the money was debited from her account she decided to call the website where she was informed that her order was not placed. M & the girl were disappointed, they realised there was bad omen somewhere.

Next day our girl went footwear shopping for her Son and ended up buying a bag worth 899/- Rs to save 59/- Rupees shipping cost of the shoe.


Then the defective bag was also picked up and all looked hunky dory. Two hours later she received a mail saying that her bag has been dispatched. She was smiling, a happy weekend after all.

Then came the call from Jabong; where the order had failed to get through? A very sunny & chirpy girl said, “Ma’am we have received your order no. XYZ and the same will be dispatched ASAP.”

Our girl started sweating, “but you had told me yesterday that the order was not placed?”

The irritatingly chirpy girl; “Ma’am the money was stuck in the gateway, it got unstuck and now will process your order. Thank you for shopping with us.”

Our girl wanted One bag and here she was having three!!!

I said three?? Ah! I forgot to mention, BFF was in Colaba on Friday and picked up this beautiful beige bag!!! Though I am yet to get it but techincally I have got it!!!!

The Beige bag picked by BFF (Ignore the model :P)
So we now have a Black, Brown & Beige bag . When it rains it purse pours!

But with our girl can things be so simple and straight? Nah!

She has received her Black bag (bought to keep shipping free) but the brown bag which was ordered and then not ordered and then ordered was not dispatched because it did not meet the quality standards of the site. Such an eye wash I tell you! But you know what?

In their enthusiasm to serve us well the site dispatched the free item *rolls her eyes* which has now been delivered.

What happens now? Well, either I buy another bag in place of the brown bag (picture of same not available)  or  get a refund. In case I do the latter I will have to return the free item which they have very intelligently sent before the original item!

What a waste I tell you!

Bloody waste!!

P.S. On Popular Demand the pictures of all the bags have been added.


  1. ROFL!!! This is so funny... You know the folks at the site would have already spent so much on courier that they might have let you keep the free bag :-)

  2. Ohhh, dainty little girl without no purse!!! My heart goes out to you....But wait!!! You got 3 bags (ok 2), I am jealous...
    You made all the things and posted over the weekend!!! You are Superfast Smita!!!

  3. OMG my head is reeling from all the buying, not getting bought, returning, refunding... yikes.

  4. Gosh...you are too funny...only you can make this bag story so interesting.:)
    BTW I am jealous with the number of bags :P

  5. haha..it's raining purses then :) I looove shopping for bags and love to stock them. Husband keeps asking me why I need more bags, when I already have plenty at home. But we women love bags ;)

  6. Loved it. Handbags tell me about it, i told hubby not to invest in buying me any becos everytime you see one you are tempted. Post pics of the latest collection.

  7. LOL!!
    I don't understand how people manage with just one bag! :P

    Pics of the bag?

  8. @Prats Ha!!! They have finally relented and credited half the amount in my account!!!

  9. LOL.. Good story with a happy ending. Multiple handbags are a reason to smile..always.

  10. Oh haha!! What a muddle, but the best thing is that the 'dainty, little girl' got loads of bags, with strokes of luck, finally! ;)

    PS- That Hidesign one doesn't need to be repaired now, I guess. :P

  11. LOL :D What an interesting bag saga!! Loved the black one!

  12. I feel that secretly you are pleased that you have so many new handbags. I think this post is for patidev's sake :P

  13. WoW Simta!! :D That was a super duper story.. See how you were deprived of one intitally but were given three later.. I waiting for my turn now :D

  14. ROFL :) What a story!

    But look at the bright side...you got 3 bags when you wanted just one...it is a different matter that you have to pay for all 3...lets not go there...Look at the bright side ;)

  15. Hmmm I would prefer Flipkart. Bought two bags from there with no problem and at good discount.


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