04 May, 2013

May Photo A Day : Day 4 : In My Cup

There is nothing but a Ball!!!

A pink ball i.e.!!!

A plastic ball to be specific!!!

You Dirty Minds!!!! See the picture!!!!

The story behind this combo is simple. Thanks to my son my purse is always loaded with toffees/ chocolates and there are days when you can even find a diaper or some cars in it. This mostly happens either on Mondays or when I am back after a break. So, this fateful day this ball of Gems which I am sure I was trying to hide from brat landed in my purse. If I remember correctly I carried it with me for a week before dumping it on my desk. It then rolled from here to there and ultimately when I was scolded by my neighbour cum colleague; I straightened my desk (which is always messy) and the ball landed on this cup and rest as they say is history. They have been married and glued onto eachother for last 6 months ;-)

The hi-story behind the cup is simple. Bought it 3-4 years back used it for two years and chucked it in favour of the other cup. Not that I don’t love this but its shape is such that it is never seems full and the height is so much that it takes ages for the sip to reach my mouth ;-)

Vaise I fell in love with the cup coz of the message on it ;-)

So, what's in your cup???


  1. Lovely story of the ball in the cup. Nice cup. And I liked the blue cup which is kept behind too. :)
    Nice creative pic for today's prompt :)

  2. That's a nice story to ho wih the cup

  3. Love your cups, Smita! Does the ball still have any gems in it?

  4. Ball cup and u ask us not to be dirty lol
    Such a fun post Smita and out of the box one
    Loved urs of all today !
    Some ball games r needed in mid of tea rituals
    Good day ;)

  5. Hmmm interesting and different. Love this cup for the message.

  6. Loved the story behind the cup. Because my desk is messy too. I sometimes get this thing to up my ennui, clean up and all, but thankfully that feeling doesn't last long ;)

    Caption is apt too :)

  7. Hey Shilpa :)

    Thank you my dear!!! Today only I saw one more cup at CCD which I loved....might pick it up soon ;)

    Hey Kajal :)

    Thanks dear!

    Hey Kaddu :)

    Of course not ;)

    Hey Afshan :)

    Well well u can imagine no harm in that ;)

    Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I hope I manage to think out of the box everyday!!!

    Ball games amidst tea rituals? Now that is a heavy statement ;)

    Hey Reema :)

    Thank u dear :)

    Hey Nandana :)

    hehehe day before yest a colleague of mine said, u have so much on my desk and I was like it is at this point of time cleanest!!!! I mean u cannot expect my table to be so clean ki lage hi nahin ki koi baithta bhi hai! right no??

    Thanks :)

  8. haa haa good story of ball cup :-)

  9. Like the caption on the mug :). BTW one q is the gems in the ball still uneaten :-O

  10. Lovely cup and a lovely relationship. :)

    I have dared to take up this challenge too. You can see whats in my cup at


  11. Nice memory....of a nice cup.

  12. This one is so different than other pics of same theme :)

  13. Such a cute story :) Wish you more such memories.


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